About Us

We are a group of employment relations and health and safety specialists who only work for employers. We work with employers of all sizes and across all industries, including not for profit organisations, public sector, small to medium enterprises and large corporate.

Starting up as a new employer? You’ll want to get things right from the beginning. Make sure your employment agreements and policies are in order and you understand your obligations as an employer.

The business is growing? Just as doing the accounts on an excel spreadsheet doesn’t work as well when you’ve expanded into million dollar turnover territory, you’ll probably find you need to “grow” your employment approach. Do you have adequate health and safety processes? A policy about harassment and bullying? You might need a workstation assessment, or an audit of your health and safety systems and practices. You might need some new types of employment agreements, or some advice about the intricacies of the Holidays Act. Maybe you need some training for your staff.

The organisation is changing? Restructuring is never pleasant –but if it’s necessary, you’ll want to do it as professionally and humanely as you can, and you’ll want to avoid personal grievance cases. We can help you with the planning, drafting the necessary correspondence, and dealing with the practicalities of managing what might be the hardest situation you have to deal with as an employer.

Your employees are joining a union? If some of your employees have joined a union, you might be dealing with issues of union access and meetings, and possibly the initiation of collective bargaining. You may have more than one union on site – and perhaps the two unions don’t want to work together. The law is quite complex in this area, so you might want us to help you make sure you’re complying with the requirements, and that the relationship with both the union, and your employees, is as productive as it can be.

Dealing with some nasty employment issues? You might have an employee who is underperforming, or one whose conduct is unacceptable. You may have a complaint of harassment or bullying to deal with. You may have an employee who just needs to go, or you may want to negotiate an exit with an employee. We can assist with anything from some quick phone advice to get you on the right track through to carrying out employment investigations, helping you manage the disciplinary process or exit negotiations, or representing you in mediation.