Employers Associates Ltd is a boutique consultancy firm based in Wellington. We advise, assist and represent employers around New Zealand on all aspects of health and safety and employment relations.

Let us help you rest easy, knowing you’re getting advice from the experts. We help employers manage their people and health and safety issues and challenges. Whether you need a specialist to fill a temporary gap in your organisation or need access to fast, expert and practical advice, Employers Associates can help.

We will help you have productive and ongoing relationships with your staff, and with unions if your staff are members; ensure you comply with the complicated range of frequently changing legislation we have in New Zealand; make sure you keep your staff and others safe, and help you to avoid unnecessary costly litigation.

We are pragmatic, and we look at our clients’ needs on an individual basis – we don’t just offer “one size fits all” packages. Whether you just want a second opinion to make sure you’re on track, or want someone to put together a process for you or represent you, or would like to review your processes against “best practice”, we can help.